Thursday, March 7, 2013

Duro Olowu or JC Penney

Duro for JCP
By Tenisha Mercer

JC Penney has debuted its first ever designer collaboration designed by Nigeria-born Duro Olowu;  the Duro for JCP collection has hit store shelves nationwide in recent weeks.

Products include clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses and other accessories, and homegoods, notebooks and luggage. A few things really stand out: bold prints, wild colors and geometric shapes that define Duro's collection and are apart of his signature style.

So, too, can you see the London-based designer's global influences, with a wild mishmash of prints, textures and fabrics that's labeled as a "riot of color."

Launching Duro's collection is a bold move for JCP; it lends a cutting edge, funky vibe to a retailer that isn't exactly revered for its bold fashion sense, as JCP tries to reinvent itself. Duro could change JCP's perception as a stodgy fashion retailer with his bold take on color, feminine shapes and pattern mixing.
Duro for JCP -- Photo courtesy of Nina Garcia on Twitter

Source: JCP


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