Thursday, May 28, 2015

Weave loans are a thing??

Clearly, this is a big joke and we are all getting "punked." You do know Detroit do some hair (yes, I said 'do'). So ... my social media feeds have been littered with this so-called Weave Loan store out of the D that specializes in weave loans.

Wait. What? So I looked it up. There should not even be a market for a weave loan. But you just know somebody will spend their last few dimes on their weaves. And what's even more disturbing is their advertising message ...

"Now you can afford to be beautiful."

Miss me with that, K! You don't need be weaved up to be beautiful. We are beautiful with or without weaves, thank you! Clearly, we are all getting punked on social media, and this is an attempt to profit from perceived insecurities.

Is the weave store legit?
Now, I'm not entirely convinced this is a thing. If it is ... it's getting some helluva press. The website looks kinda bootleg. Who, exactly, would give their social security numbers, government name and paycheck stub to this outfit, looking like they paid $20 for a website designed by Pookie?

Not me!

No physical address, only an email address. But they DO have Instagram, social media, Facebook and YouTube accounts. Sounds suspect!This gets the sideye. All I know is that they are on 8 Mile Road in Detroit ... But 8 Mile and what? Where?

UPDATED TO ADD: The store is located at 21621 Eight Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48219.It has a Google Maps link and e'rrythang.

Here's a pic:

Still, I'm calling it clickbait until I know a bit more. This is what their website advertises:

Don't believe the weave hype!
The whole thing sounds sketchy to me. We don't know the business owner's name. An article on lists two co-creators, one of them named "Fred," who started the business after a customer wanted to purchase weaves but could not afford it.

Ummm .... Fred. Hol' up. I'm sure you need my gubmt name for the application, so I'm gonna need to know your name too, boo! 

Apparently, the owners decided to be the middlemen ... umm... hair loansharks ... putting customers in contact with lenders. The owners insist they’re just “providing options for customers to better afford weaves.”
“We’re going to treat our customers with respect. We’ll give them viable options; we won’t be exorbitant. Loans will be reasonable and attainable. We want them to know we’re sensitive to our demographic. We’re not going to disenfranchise our customers.”

I am not entirely convinced. I mean: But WHY?

Will yo' edges be secured as collateral? Are you gonna snatch my weave for non-payment? Will you repo my Yaki? Put a GPS on the Malaysian if the weave installment payment account is 60 days or more overdue? Will the Weave Loan Store lasso the lacefront after 90 days, with binding arbitration in weave court?

Bottom line: What does it cost?
They have loans for rims and tires, why not weaves? Umm.... all I can say is, don't hate the playa, hate the game.

I'm not mad at this business for catering to its target market (cause we all know that folks will spend their rent money and more getting their weave laid) but I'm mad at anyone who decides to take a weave loan. Or even considers it. 

Why weave loans are BAD idea
Weaves are discretionary expenses; it is NOT a financial emergency. You will not die if you do not have your weave in. But for real tho. Like, a loan for someone else's hair on your head?

What are your terms?
Is it simple interest?
Daily interest? Is this like, a payday loan?
WHAT, Fred!!

I can think of a lot of things to go into debt for ... a college education. A business. Even the American dream of a home with a picket fence. But weave, tho?

My motto is, "Do you." But pinky swear promise: Make sure you can afford it. Got any money in savings? Can you eat your weave? Live in it? Is it really worth it to pay interest and go into debt on some hair that ain't even your?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ciara is the new face of Roberto Cavalli

Ciara is the new face of Roberto Cavalli's Fall/Winter 2016 line ....

And let me tell you ... she SLAYS!
I am glad to see Ciara take her career to new heights and do something different.

Let's be honest: Although she is an ATL favorite entertainer, her recent albums have been .... meh. Let's just say folks are not feeling the love.

Which is why I'm so glad that she's using her natural beauty in other ways. She's a stunning woman and new mom. I only wish I could see her in her natural hair!


Ummmm ... nooooo

Cultural appropriation is a MUTHA!

These are not 'twisted mini buns' they are damn bantu knots. If you are gonna snatch, snatch right! Don't you just hate it when natural hairstyles on us are considered 'ghetto' but on white folks, they are considered 'hot' and 'high fashion.' Enough of the BS.