Friday, January 31, 2014

Cop in Suburban Detroit Cuts Off Woman's Weave After Arrest

By Tenisha Mercer

No matter what the crime, no woman deserves to be humiliated by a police officer cutting off her hair -- weave or not. Her hair is not evidence! Unfortunately, it's not the first time that natural hair has been subject to a "stop and frisk" while under duress.

Update: The incident happened in November, the cop was fired and the charges against the woman were dropped, according to Deadline Detroit. Other charges against other officers may be forthcoming. Thank God!

See vid here: Updated: Warren Cop Cuts Off Hair of Arrested Woman –  Deadline Detroit

Police officers in Detroit suburb cut off woman's weave during arrest
The police officer who cut off this woman's weave while she was under arrest was fired

See vid here: Updated: Warren Cop Cuts Off Hair of Arrested Woman –  Deadline Detroit

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cheerios 2014 Game Day Ad | "Gracie"

"Gracie," the bi-racial girl with the curls whose commercial left lots of folks feeling some kind of racist way because it featured a diverse family, is making a second appearance in a Cheerios ad for the Super Bowl.

Let's hope the commercial doesn't have the same idiots commenting on it as before.

Shea Moisture BOGO at Target Through 2/22

By Tenisha Mercer

Target is having their semi-annual BOGO sale on Shea Moisture products; now's the time to stock up, through Feb. 22.

Shea Moisture BOGO sale at Target

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Carters at the Grammys

By Tenisha Mercer

The Carters did THAT, with Jay and Bey performing a sexy duet rendition of "Drunk in Love" at to open the Grammys on Sunday.

It was a huge gamble -- but it's paying dividends. You'd have to be blind not to see and feel the exiness pouring off the stage from hip hop's most powerful and sultry couple. Beyonce kept her attire simple but sexy -- a black leotard with a black caged apparatus and dotted stockings. Using a chair, she danced, twerked and gyrated solo on the chair on stage with soaking wet hair and clouds of smoke.

Then , when Jay came, the two were all over each other, dancing and feeling on each other.

Beyonce has gotten a bit of heat for the performance -- it felt slightly voyeuristic, but we all knew that Bey was performing for her man, though some have accused the pop star turned mom of doing too much.

Jury's still out on that one, but folks ARE talking about it. And it'll probably go down as one of the sexiest performances ever.

Bey and Jay performing at the 2014 Grammy Awards
Source: Reuters

What did you think of Bey's performance?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

Pam Oliver's Hair: Did the criticism go too far?

By Tenisha Mercer

I knew something was wrong the moment I began seeing references to ESPN sports reporter Pam Oliver flashing across Facebook on Sunday.Wasn't there a big game? Now, I don't follow sports and I can't tell you the first first thing about football (please don't ask me who played and I had no idea who Pam Oliver was initially).

So why was my FB timeline all of a sudden blowing up with images and snarky references to, of all things, Pam Oliver's hair? Seems that Facebook and Black Twitter -- and hell, a whole lot of folks on Twitter who weren't Black -- became upset, no enraged, about Oliver's wig/weave.

ESPN ReporterPam Oliver's hair took a beating online
Pam Oliver's viciously hair was criticized online
Ridiculousness ensued. And folks got to clowning.

A pregnant Kerry Washington and Lupita Nyong'o stunning in turquoise at the SAG Awards

By Tenisha Mercer

A very pregnant Kerry Washington bared her baby bump in a crop top and Lupita Nyong'o killed the red carpet yet again in a lovely fitted turqoise gown -- really, does this woman ever have a bad fashion day? -- at the SAG Awards red carpet on Sunday.

The Scandal actress took a bold fashion move, wearing a pink crop top by Prada --  leaving a peak of her pregnant belly showing -- and a full satin black skirt. Who says a pregnant woman isn't sexy? I'm so glad that maternity fashions have changed for the better since I last wore them 13, 14 and 16 years ago. They've come a long way! Some loved Kerry Washington's bare midriff while others hate it for its proportions of the full skirt. I loved IT!

Pregnant Kerry Washington wears Prada crop top at SAG awards
Kerry Washington in a crop top
Credit: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

It Girl Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong'o can do no wrong on the red carpet and is not only the 'it' girl in Hollywood but is emerging as a style icon and red carpet star as well. The 12 Years a Slave actress loves playing up her beautiful ebony skin with bright colors such as yellows, pinks and reds. This time, she wore a teal green Gucci gown with makeup that popped.

Once again, Lupita slayed the red carpet with her confident, self assured and stunning style. Lupita got yet another award, this time for Best Supporting Actress, beating out Jennifer Lawrence from "American Hustle". Can you say OSCAR?

Actress Lupita Nyong'o in a brilliant teal turqoise
Credit: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Nicole Ari Parker's Natural Hair

By Tenisha Mercer

Actress Nicole Ari Parker has kept her hair under wraps, mainly in intricate twisted styles and rarely out. But look at all this luscious hair she's got, in this photo on Facebook from her gorgeous husband Boris Kodjoe.

Parker debuted a TWA a few short years ago, now this:

Nicole Ari Parker natural hair
Actress Nicole Ari Parker's natural hair

Nicole Ari Parker's TWA in 2012


Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy 50th Birthday, FLOTUS!

By Tenisha Mercer

Get ready to say Happy 50th Birthday to ...(round of applause, please) ...First Lady Michelle Obama!

FLOTUS hit her milestone 50th birthday and, from the looks of things, she's celebrating in style.

I imagine turning 50 has got to feel awesome!

Michelle Obama turns 50 Jan. 17, 2014
FLOTUS turns 50!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Actress Lupita Nyong'o Snares Academy Award Nomination

By Tenisha Mercer

2014 is already turning out to be quite the year for actress Lupita Nyong'o. Last week, her star role as Patsy in 12 Years a Slave received a Golden Globe award for Best Drama. Today, Nyong'o got an Oscar nomination for her work.

A relatively unknown actress, a Kenyan born in Mexico and educated at Yale, Nyong'o is taking it ... in style.

Actress Lupita Nyong'o gets an Academy Award nomination
12 Years a Slave Actress Lupita Nyong'o

The many looks of Lupita Nyong'o
Nyong'o in white

Black Girls Rock in Pink

By Tenisha Mercer

Have and Have Nots actress Tika Sumpter rocks this pink dress.

She's a huge fan of color, and it looks great against her dark skin.

Tika Sumpter wears pink gown at the Ride Along movie premiere
Actress Tika Sumpter at the Ride Along movie premiere

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Would you get plastic surgery?

By Tenisha Mercer

Fashion and plastic surgery are synonymous -- so  many in the industry have gone under the knife, from celebs and models to a growing number of everyday people.

FLOTUS Michelle Obama
Now, First Lady Michelle Obama has weighed in on the topic. Just a few days away from turning 50 on Friday, FLOTUS told People Magazine that she's not ruling out a few procedures when asked about Botox and plastic surgery. 

“Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves,” the first lady told People magazine in an interview that will appear on newsstands on Friday, her birthday. “Right now, I don’t imagine that I would go that route, but I’ve also learned to never say never.”

Monday, January 13, 2014

12 Years a Slave's Lupita Nyong'o stunning in red Ralph Lauren Cape Gown at Golden Globes

By Tenisha Mercer

12 Years a Slave breakout start Lupita Nyong'o slayed the red carpet in a beautiful red cape gown by Ralph Lauren, celebrating the film's Best Drama Award as it marches toward an expected Oscar run. 

Nyong'o has been quite the lady about Hollywood lately, revealing stylish fashions and of course, her signature cropped natural hairstyle with a side part. It looked like the top of her hair was blown out while the sides were cropped.

Who said natural hairstyles couldn't look fab on the runway?

Lupita Nyong'o Golden Globes
12 Years a Slave's Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren
Source: Steve Granitz/Getty 

Lupita Nyong'o natural hair
I wonder what's her hair regimen?

Kerry Washington debuts baby bum
Scandal Actress Kerry Washington didn't get a Golden Globe (sad news) but she did reveal her baby bump on the red carpet. Despite news reports, this was her only reported confirmation that she is expecting, so don't expect her to wax about her pregnancy.

Washington, who is known to keep her personal life private, was glowing and cradled and caressed her growing stomach on the red carpet. She's clearly a style leader, pregnant or not, wearing an Alexander Wang gown designed for her growing stomach.

Kerry Washington Golden Globes 2013
A beautiful, pregnant Kerry Washington
Source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Friday, January 10, 2014

Erykah Badu Debuts High-Top Fade

By Tenisha Mercer

One thing you can't accuse Erykah Badu of is not pushing boundaries. She unveiled a 90s high top fade hairstyle on her Instagram page on Thursday.

Ehhh... I've seen more young dudes rocking this look recently, but not on a woman. And I saw waaaay too many of these back in the day.

Cue the copycats.

Erykah Badu unveils a high top fade hairstyle
Erykah Badu's stylist puts the finishing touches on a her high top fade

She gets cred for doing something different, but would you sport this look?

HairTroversy: Can the Hair Division just End?

By Tenisha Mercer

I read a column in Bazaar, written by Chrissy Rutherford, that explained why she chooses to wear her hair relaxed.

Wait ... what? Did we just a turn a corner, when women with relaxed hair feel they have to justify why they wear their hair straight?

Chrissy Rutherford wrote a blog in Bazaar about why she wears her hair relaxed

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hair Resolutions for 2014

By Tenisha Mercer

What's on your hair resolutions list for 2014?

More deep conditioners?
Less trims?
Less heat?
More detangling?

What are your hair goals?