Tuesday, June 30, 2015

African prom dress designer Kyemah McEntyre designs actress Naturi Naughton's BET Awards dress

We told you about Kyemah McEntyre, the 18-year-old girl who broke the Internet with her African prom dress.

Well, she's done it now. The aspiring fashion designer designed actress Naturi Naughton's gown at the 2015 BET Awards on Sunday. Can you say keep slaying???? The Power star wore Naughton's gown on the red carpet -- a low cut V-neck with a mermaid bottom. In African print, of course.

Watch her WERK. And props to Naughton,  who hails from East Orange, N.J., who gave the New Jersey teen and recent high school graduate the chance of a lifetime to design her gown despite her limited fashion experience.

It's even sweeter to know that Kyemah was bullied through school, but look at her now! How you like her now, bullies! She's studying fashion in NYC.

Bree Newsome is my shero and my hair crush

Bree Newsome is my shero and such ... But umm ... can we just talk about Bree's hair for a minute, tho!!! I'm ALL up in my feelings about it.

She was so brave to scale that flag pole and yank that racist flag down in South Carolina. And I agree with every word she said below. But ummm ... can we go back to her hair, tho! Dope. Straight fi-ya! It gave me LIFE!

Did she blow it out? Twist it out? What kind of products did she use?

Hair foolishness

There are days when I just cannot even can ... and this is one of those days, after I heard that Urban Outfitters is selling a single ponytail holder for $8. Really, doe? But $8 tho for one hair ball? I am DONE. Done, I tell you.

You need your ass whopped if you even think about buying this foolishness. Just because you can does not mean you should. Or maybe the person who actually pays $8 for ONE should be hit dead in the face with said ponytail holder. Have you ever been smacked in the face with one of these? Chile, you have not felt pain .... And please don't step on one.... Owww, wee!

I'm a little mad right now. Because do you know how many ponytail hair balls I could have for $8 -- like a whole can full, because these mugs are like $1 for a pack of 10 ponytail holders at ANY beauty supply store USA or Wal Mart. I hate spending money all willy nilly.

Black girls been wearing these things forever 

I mean, it's cute that the retro thing and all is coming back or is 'new' for some. But it ain't new for everybody. Really, Urban Outfitters? Every Black little girl I know of has worn these things at some point in her life.

Like all'em. And believe me when I tell you these hair balls are the bane of every little Black girl's existence. Once your Momma finally agrees to let you STOP wearing them, there is no way this side of Ultra Sheen that you will WILLINGLY purchase them ever again. No, nope and nawl!

No damn body wants to see these things again -- In life - ever, Amen. I will roll up a scrunchie from the good old 90s, cut a pair of old panty hose at the top or even use a rubber band from the Sunday newspaper before I use one of those things to tie back my hair as a grown adult. 

To this day, my hair STILL has permanent parts in it from all of the balls I used to wear in my head, LOL. No ma'am! Nawl, nope, NO!

Bye, Urban Outfitters! 

This is so funny it's not. But I do now that a sucka is born every damn minute. I just love it when mainstream retailers discover something is hot. But we been wearing this ish for like EVER! And it's clearly something that some folks will wear and spend their hard earned earned money, too.

Just like those 'new Bantu knots' (big ass eye roll) that were renamed 'mini buns' as part of Marc Jacobs runway show. Yeah, OK. Miss me with that.

Of course, this has spawned lots of other memes. Watch the foolishness. I mean. Since they are paying $8 for hair balls and ish, might as well pony up some more cash for the rest of the hair accoutrements, right? 

Monday, June 29, 2015


Pretty.Period.on Facebook is all about profiling Black women who are pretty -- period. Not because they are pretty to be Black. But because they ARE pretty. I saw this picture and GOT MY LIFE!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

How old should a child be before they get hair extensions?

Something about this is disturbing on so many levels to me. At what age should a child be allowed to add hair that is not their own to their head?

This child looks 2 or 3, so the question is why? Why make her feel, at such a young age, that her natural hair is not enough? That she needs something extra? I get if it was a cute playful color. But why it gotta be blonde, tho?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Would you get an armpit weave?

Listen. I generally support womens' ights to do what they want do with their bodies. Even if I would not do it or do not agree. You like it, I love it, your body. But armpit weaves and bedazzling and such is where I draw the line.

Wait. You ain't know? I did not get the memo, but apparently armpit hair extensions are a thing. Yes, a thing. And bedazzling them, apparently, is a thing, too.

Now snatching armpit hair is not my idea of fun. And why would anyone want to look like My Lil' Pony in their armpits is beyond me.

This is just too much. Last week, I heard about this trend of women NOT shaving their arms. And folks were all up in their feelings about it.
Now here y'all come looking like Rainbow Bright under the arms and you want me to agree to this mess? No ma'am and no sirs.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tina Knowles in Ebony

Yaaasss! Mrs. Tina slays; that is all. Matthew, who? Peep the deets of the fierceness in this month's Ebony

Monday, June 15, 2015

Detroit curls, what!

Oh, Detroit! How my curls have missed thee!

What up, doe! Here in Detroit for about a week visiting relatives. And I must say my damn self that my curls are poppin'. No more hot ass ATL -- at least for a week, anyway, LOL. The curl struggle in the ATL is real.

My curls love the cooler weather and lower humidity in Michigan (no more fried hair from the hot ATL sun).

My curls forgot that it liked Detroit's cool, mild summers. It's been nearly three years since I've been here. Beyond the heat damage (I'm still too traumatized to blog about it, but it took me 20 years as a natural to get heat damage from a stylist over the winter), my curls are getting some 313 love and are hanging pretty chill right about now.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The 5 hair questions every Black woman wants to ask Rachel Dolezal

So damn that Rachel Dolezal pulled a Blackface, flipped the script from Ruthanne to Rachel and hoodwinked us all. The petty in me is all up in her head -- what kinda curls this heffa got? All I wanna know, is that Bob Marley Crochet Hair? A La Jay wig?

Do I spot 3C with a mix of 4A curls? WHAT? Chile, because every time I see her hair, her curls are poppin! LOL! On fleek as the kiddies would say. I'm squeenching my eyes real hard at the pics, too. Do I see a  mix of 3C, 4A curls, what???

After all, you appropriated the hell out of MY culture. The least you could do is let me peep your hair game proper after your wanna be Black blues. Now as much as we could sit back and play Iyanla with this chick (she who reverse passes and wanna play Black leaves me with plenty of fodder), this post ain't that.

Here are five hair questions about Rachel I really wanna know: 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Love this style

NBA star Baron Davis gets clowned for man curls

The Internet has no chill. None. And they will come for you, you hear me?

Folks are going in on ex-NBA star Baron Davis' for his man curls -- a heap of processed, Jherri curl looking, greasy, texturized wash and go tendrils -- that he sported last night while providing  commentary during the NBA finals. 

Forget the game. What about his hair?

Bringing the Jherri curl back?

Actually, I'm not exactly sure what the hairstyle is or how he got it .. regi, please! I need to know because I need to know what NOT to do. The Internet is all in its feelings ... and has produced many a meme.

Now, let me say this: I have no idea who Davis is; I am not a sports person. But I do know this is a HOT. ASS. MESS. And I recognize clowning and bad hairstyle when I see them. And this right here? This is some foolishness.

Why Baron Davis needs new friends

Who authorized this hairstyle?
Who approved this? Cause his stylist should be fired!

This must be rebuked in the name of all things holy, bound by a plastic Jherri Curl cap and Doo Rag,  and sprinkled with an S-Curl and holy water mix.

He must not have a friend in the NBA. Not nan. Eff Drake. He needs new friends. Because friends do not let friends go on national TV looking like this. He went from this:

To this:


Let me be the first to say that my wash and gos don't always look on point. My curls funny like that. But for a dude on national TV to rock this.... He's getting clowned because he wore what looks like a curly toupee that is cross between Darryl from Coming to America and Pinky from Friday.

Wait. Is this a man weave?

But, yeah. If the Jherri curl comes back, we all know who to blame. 

This is how you go to prom

Meet the girl who broke the Internet with her African prom dress.

Her name is Kyemah McEntyre, known as "Kye," and she's 18.

She did that! This African prom dress game me life!

The floor length, V-neck dress is gorgeous, stunning, all of that. And it has made the rounds on social media, catapulting the prom queen to celeb status after she debuted her creation on Twitter -- complete with that bad ass fro of hers.

It was so popular that the dress won her the 'prom queen' title on Friday.

Did I mention she is only 18?  Ummm ... can I borrow this?

Watch for this young lady. She'll be attending Parsons School of Design in the fall.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I love this!

So would you actually go here for braids?

So ..... ummm yeah. Raise your hand if you would actually get your braids done here?

Exactly what I thought ... Chile, BYE! Place looks all kinds of sketch. How can I be sure you aren't going to use hair from a Cabbage Patch Doll in my head if there is no sign on the front door? 

Photo credit: Joel Kurth
Now, Oumy might be able to lay my braids down like nobody's business. She might be able to beat these edges down like the Gawds, but I will never find out, I swear

Braids on Eight Mile Road 
Oumy's is on Eight Mile Road near Kelly in Detroit. And as much of a born and raised Detroit homegirl as I am, this ain't happenin'. 

Some places you just don't go.

The only sign on the front of the building looks like it saw the wrong end of a blow torch. The sign on the side of the building isn't much better: Looks like somebody painted it using a Dollar store paint brush and leftover mistake paint from The Home Depot.

I cannot with you today, Oumy!

Now, I'm fully aware of the term 'hole in the wall.' But that does not mean that I would patronize such an establishment and trust it with my crown and glory! You know how much time I spent on this hair? 

No ma'am and no sir! 

Just why?
If it all goes left and you leave me #teamnoedges, I need to know how to ... ahem ... get recourse, if you will. How do I find you? Especially when the front door is boarded up with a piece of plywood and appears to be padlocked?

Curb appeal much? And just who is 'Oumy'? Is this a government name? Is the number even legit? Bye, Oumy, whomever you are! 

E'rybody can't play in your head
I'd rather have a crooked neck sitting at someone's kitchen table while they're doing my braids, with them eating Chinese, watching Judge Greg Mathis and Maury and running after their bad ass kids, than mess around with Oumy. Or have my head dangling under a kitchen faucet while getting my hair scrubbed with Dawn dish soap, than deal with Oumy's foolishness.

Because, you see, I know what to expect from the hood beautician. Hey, a girl's gotta save coins somehow. But Oumy? I am really not so sure about any of this. Braids and taxes are not exactly complimentary. 

Will be edges be snatched and my taxes done?
Can I pay for my Sengelese twists using my tax refund?
Must I give Oumy my W-2s to get some zillions?

IJS. These are all things you must know.