Monday, December 28, 2015

'Bout that fro life

When I tell you her fro is giving me so much life..

Don't know who she is. But that fro tho.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

SKETCHES: #ChristmasWithBlackFamilies

I just HOLLERED and spit out my Henny (Sike. I don't even drink brown licka like that). But you do know this is SOOOOO true, right?

The only thing missing is the drunk uncle wearing a Skittle-colored three-piece suit and matching gators who shows you the latest jive dance move from 1972. And the auntie who greets everyone with Hallelujah instead of hello.

We ALL have one. She tries to "save" everybody in the family over turkey and dressing and pressure them to come to her church next Sunday  so she can get first-time visitor credit from pastor; rebukes  every curse word in the name of sweet Black baby Jesus even though you swore MF was her favorite word coming up; and who now whispers the sinners' prayer along with grace for extra favor so she make sure she gets into heaven.

THAT auntie.

We all have one. And the cousin who steals all the good Tupperware to take her three plates of leftovers home even though she shows up empty handed with na' dish every year. Don't believe me? Get you a black family. Ask a Black family. Adopt one. Hell, date a Black dude or Black lady and you'll see.

Y'all know this ish is true. OK. You've been warned. *sips Henny*