Saturday, July 25, 2015

How to shop at thrift stores - graphic tee, ripped jeans, floral heels

Monday, July 20, 2015

Baby hairs and white folks

You know. Cultural appropriation is a mug.

As many of us naturals go 'round these parts talking 'bout 'laid baby hairs' and now certain white folks discover it ... and it is a THING. Miss me with all of this, k? Elle UK magazine says baby hairs are a thing and folks go nuckin futs.

They profile Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and FKA Twigs wearing baby hairs at the Givenchy Award show. 

Where they been?

What I see here ain't no baby hair -- at least not on Katy. It's just hair from the front of the head laid to the side. Next thing you know, you'll hear white folks talking about #teamedges and white folks will be checking for Ampro gel, a good wave brush and a Doo Rag.

FKA Twigs
J'Lo's baby hairs about 10 years ago
I mean. They tried to mention TLC and the most infamous of all baby hairs - Chili. But this whole article is a fail and is shady, because calling baby hairs a "trend" is reaching. A lot. Especially when they write:

"The trend is by no means new. In fact, the origins of slicking down one's baby hairs is said to have started in the 70s (namely with Latoya Jackson). I had, however, forgotten about it until I came across FKA Twigs."

Just stop. It is clear they have no idea what they are talking about, below:

"Looks like I'll be growing out my bangs..." Ummm .... and you still won't have baby hairs, tho.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

So true!

Ummmm .... would you do this?

I have seen women with two sprigs of hair turn into weavepunzels with hair down to their asses.

But is there a double standard for men?  It's perfectly fine for women to be weaved up, but what about the bruhs? Can they get man weaves?

Now, this particular procedure looks it could be a solution for male pattern baldness for even for women who suffer from alopecia. I found the pic on a natural hair forum on Facebook. But I am all kinds of confused.

Is that gel on his head?
How long does it last?
What kind of hair did he use?

Man. The hair struggle is real for dudes, too.