Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tina's Green Wedding Dress

Every bride doesn't want to wear white, especially a 70+bride.

Tina Turner rocked it out on her wedding day with a green wedding dress and rhinestone-tipped sheer leggings. I love it!


What do you think?

Beyonce's Hair Pulled by Fan

Source: YouTube

Beyoncé is the ultimate professional. So when her hair get caught in a fan while performing, what does Bey do? She keeps on singing!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Toni Braxton and her Natural Curls?

By Tenisha Mercer

Singer Toni Braxton ditches the weave and sports what are believed to be natural curls while at dinner. Whether her curls are natural or not, I think Toni looks great in a new look, sans weave, as seen on

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Coolest Natural Hair Actors - Ever!

I love this Ford Focus commercial -- but not for the reasons you might think. The entire commercials are filled with naturals, as Natural Hair in the Media pointed out. An entire family with natural hair in a commercial. Imagine that!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Brandy Shows Off Natural Hair on Instagram

By Tenisha Mercer

Brandy natural hair, brandy hair, brandy fro
Brandy's natural hair
Singer and actress Brandy revealed what she's been hiding under her weaves and braids all these years -- one huge fro!

The singer revealed her natural hair on Instagram with celeb stylist Kim Kimble. Her fro is massive! So cute.

Now, some commenters on some popular natural hair sites like are throwing plenty shade -- and wonder if this is the latest trend of celebs debuting their natural hair. *shrugs*

They have every right to be proud of their hair. I  know if I was a celeb, I'd want to protect my hair, hence, the big reveal. Online, it's a pecking order, between folks who wear their hair natural every day and those who don't, apparently. I seriously don't get what all the fuss is about.

Brandy hair, Brandy fro, brandy natural hair

What do you think of celebs who reveal their natural hair?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Janelle Monae Gets Criticized For Wearing A Weave in Her New Video

By Tenisha Mercer

No sooner than Janelle Monae strutted her natural pompadour across the stage at the BET Awards, comes news that the natural-haired singer is getting flack about wearing a long, wavy weave in her new video, Dance Apocalyptic.

Oh, boy.


Calm down.

I love Monae's retro pompadour just as much as any other natural, but it's her hair. If she wants to rock a weave, who am I to say anything? I think her natural style makes her unique and stand out (the weave, not so much) but who am I to say anything about how she wears her hair?

I get it. We naturals want to represent. And where better to do that than in Hollywood? In fact, my posts about celebrities with natural hair are the highest-rated on this blog, consistently getting hits months and even years later. We want to know everything about the natural styles that celebs are wearing (even if they are wigs).

To Weave or not to Weave?

Maybe folks expected more, like a naturally kinky wig. 

But that's their expectations. Some folks are already pointing the figure that Monae has changed her hairstyle due to her recent fame (she's a Cover Girl spokeswoman). And Black women in entertainment have this long, complicated and dysfunctional relationship with weave. Which I really don't feel like getting into.

Must Janelle wear the natural world on her shoulders? Can't she just change it up and be done with it? Or is hair not really hair? We say it, but I don't believe that ish for one minute, sometimes.

What do you think?


Monday, July 1, 2013

Janelle Monae at the BET Awards

By Tenisha Mercer

Janelle Monae killed it at the BET Awards on Sunday.

Loved the different look she tried with her side-twist pompadour, her signature black and white ensemble. Later, she performed with Erykah Badu, who donned a massive honey-wheat colored fro.

Janelle Monae at BET Awards

Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu perform at BET Awards