Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Afro perm takes Asia by storm

By Tenisha Mercer 

We all know what a relaxer can do to kinky hair. But what about when you want to turn straight hair into kinky? There was really few ways to turn it kinky - until now.

A new chemical process can now turn straight into kinky --  and the Japanese are pioneering it by wearing it, according to

Hey, I'm all about kinky inclusion. And this s some straight up kinky, 4C-beyond type kink.

And it's entirely different than most chemical processes, which usually tend to straighten the hair.

The process is extremely popular in South Korea and Japan, where it's being used to transform straight hair into dreads and cornrows. The process is known as the Reggae Perm or the Asian Afro Perm. It creates new hydrogen bonds to form in the hair using small perming rods during a chemical process that transforms straight into straight up kink.

Now, let's hope that those of us who are born with kinky hair can learn to appreciate what we've got naturally, a little bit more. 

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