Monday, July 20, 2015

Baby hairs and white folks

You know. Cultural appropriation is a mug.

As many of us naturals go 'round these parts talking 'bout 'laid baby hairs' and now certain white folks discover it ... and it is a THING. Miss me with all of this, k? Elle UK magazine says baby hairs are a thing and folks go nuckin futs.

They profile Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and FKA Twigs wearing baby hairs at the Givenchy Award show. 

Where they been?

What I see here ain't no baby hair -- at least not on Katy. It's just hair from the front of the head laid to the side. Next thing you know, you'll hear white folks talking about #teamedges and white folks will be checking for Ampro gel, a good wave brush and a Doo Rag.

FKA Twigs
J'Lo's baby hairs about 10 years ago
I mean. They tried to mention TLC and the most infamous of all baby hairs - Chili. But this whole article is a fail and is shady, because calling baby hairs a "trend" is reaching. A lot. Especially when they write:

"The trend is by no means new. In fact, the origins of slicking down one's baby hairs is said to have started in the 70s (namely with Latoya Jackson). I had, however, forgotten about it until I came across FKA Twigs."

Just stop. It is clear they have no idea what they are talking about, below:

"Looks like I'll be growing out my bangs..." Ummm .... and you still won't have baby hairs, tho.

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