Thursday, August 18, 2016

Omarosa's brows went LEFT

It is damn near 2017. And besides the fact that Orange Glo, ashy ass Donald Trump is still running for the highest office of the land, I don't wanna talk about any of that: What and the actual fuck is up with Omarosa's brows?

I have sooooo many questions. WHO in the name od Sweet Baby Black Jesus with the mink lashes did this?

And why the hell does it look like her brows are running from each other? Like one of them mugs is a cheesing Usain Bolt going for the gold in Rio and the other is that other struggle dude running next to no him that no remembers?

Do her brows not like each other? Are they beefing? Is one of them a Trump supporter and the other an HRC supporter and they're fighting on her face? These are things I need to know.

Now, I noticed her brows in an article on in which she says every Trump critic "will have to bow down."

Uhhh... ma'am. The only thing that needs to bow down is your brows. See. This is what happens when you publicly endorse and stump for your former boss on "The Apprentice" and you are appointed his Black ass representative and are paid a by the negro fee for every Black person who votes for Trump.

I promise you, I can't. I mean. Me? I need to fill some brows at this very moment. Like right now. Because hypothyroidism is a a beast on my brows.

Omarosa needs to fire her brow lady tho. They did her DIRTY. She don't like you. She's a Hillary supporter. 

She ain't your friend.

Now, 'Ro Ro you know there are too many brow options in 2016 to go outchere looking like this.

Chics got whole apostrophes painted on their eye regions.And Ro Ro out here with brows looking like whut?

This is why I don't trust you, Omarosa: Those brows.

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