Thursday, October 10, 2013

3 Natural Hair Myths

By Tenisha Mercer

There are plenty of hair myths, and natural hair is so different. While there are very few hard core "rules" (each natural has to determine what's good for THEIR hair), there are quite a few common misconceptions about natural hair and how to maintain it.

Many of them are leftover from our days wearing relaxed hair or they are flat out untruths that have been followed so much that many people swear they are true.

Here are a few common hair myths:

1. Wetting your hair every day will make it fall out. This is a biggie. And it's easy to see why this is a misconception. Water has been behind the ruin of many a hairstyle, especially straight styles. And when we wore relaxers, we swore off water like it was cancerous. I'm not even sure why, because wouldn't relaxed hair benefit from water But this 'rule' was rewritten by many naturals, who spray, douse and spritz their hair with water every day, or every few days, for moisture. You have to determine what works well for your hair. Some naturals' hair is better served by wetting it when it's dry or every few days, and then sealing it with an oil to lock in moisture. Water = moisture. And when have natural hair,  moisture is half the battle. Fact: Dry hair breaks and damages easier.

2. Cutting your hair will make it grow. Umm, no, it won't. Cutting your hair will not make it grow; it will make it get shorter. Now, with that said, you should TRIM your hair only when your ends are split. If your ends aren't damaged or split, no need to trim, and you don't necessarily have to follow the 4-6 week trim mandate that some stylists swear by. But by all means, trim damaged ends when necessary and stop holding on to scraggly ends for dear life. Hair growth IS affected by split ends that travel up and thwart hair growth.  Fact: Trim hair only when necessary.

3. Putting grease on your hair/scalp will make it grow. Ahh, that jar of Blue Bergamont and Royal Crown. Many of us grew up with shiny foreheads, thanks to plenty of grease rubbed on our pigtails and plaits. It served a purpose for our young hair, but greasing your alone will not make it grow. You need water + oil to seal in moisture, and greasing dry hair alone just won't cut in. Grease is a personal choice. Many hair textures are too fine, and grease only wears the hair down in some cases.

There are many natural oils (grapeseed, avocado, coconut, olive oils, etc.), silicone-based moisturizers and conditioners that will do the trick, though some people still swear by Vaseline and a jar of hair grease.

I use oils or grease when flat ironing my hair, because naked hair and a flat iron do nothing for me and a bit of oil makes it easier. Fact: Greasing your hair will only cause greasy hair; it's a personal hair decision if grease is beneficial.

What are some natural hair myths you believed or heard? Please comment below.

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