Thursday, December 12, 2013

Man weaves: Would your man rock one?

By Tenisha Mercer

Who knew?

Seems as if Black women aren't the only ones getting weaved up; apparently, Black men are too, and pictures of their weave work began showing up on Twitter recently as reported in this Clutch Magazine article.

Let's be clear: These aren't the long, flowy Katt Williams' type of weave, but more like the fill-in-a-fade type of hair accessory. Now, I've seen some pretty good looking hairpieces, err, weaves on bald men in Hollywood, like Bruce Willis and Woody Harrelson. But they are white; I've never seen one on a Black dude.

Or have I? Steve Harvey's box top hairline on the Steve Harvey Show in the 2000s looks mighty suspect: Might it have been a weave?

Hmm ... All I know, dudes bettnot say nothing about disliking women's weaves if they get one!

They look good, I have to admit.

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More kinky weave?

 I guess I'm just thrilled that we're seeing weave with a natural texture that blends. None of these dudes -- at least not yet -- is rocking a weave with a completely different hair texture. But it leaves oh so many questions:

Who is their supplier? Where do they buy them from? How much does it cost? How do they install it?

Genderless weaves

Shoot, this could revolutionize weave for women, too. Just did a big chop but want to fill in hair? Got alopecia? Get it weaved up.

Seems like most of these man weaves try to hide a thinning or an absent hairline. Know what? I'm not mad at 'em. Women straight trip over thinning edges, bald spots and receding hairlines. Why wouldn't we expect Black men too as well? Hair Club for men may always not work for brothas. And not every man can rock a bald head.

What do you think about man weaves?

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