Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Natural Hair and Style Stories on HairNista in 2012

By Tenisha Mercer

This time last year, HairNista was a blip on the natural hair blog scene.

We've grown since then -- bringing you the top stories in natural hair and style. Here are the top hair and style on HairNista in 2012.

Let me preface this by saying... ya'll love some celeb natural hair. Consistently, celeb natural hair stories are the most viewed posts on HairNista. I hear you.... So, I'll be posting  more about celeb natural hair from now on.

1. Brandy Rocks a Curly Weave at the Billboard Music Awards. Can't get enough of Brandy's curly hair. Who can blame you? She looked great with it.

Brandy sporting curly hair
2. Brandy Sports Curly Weave in L.A. Again, Brandy ranks tops. I can't quite tell if this is a wig or a weave (looks an awful lot like a LaJay wig to me, but anywho) but who cares!
Brandy wearing curly hair

3. Baby Blue Ivy created quite the stir in social media -- before she was even born. We chronicled the offspring of Jay and Bey and boy, did folks weigh in on her looks on Twitter.

4. Kelly Rowland is another favorite curlie. HairNistas ate up stories about her curly hair.
Kelly  and her curls

Style is an important component of any natural's wardrobe. This year, HairNistas were particularly intrigued with color blocking.

 HairNistas love curly kids! Actress Skai Jackson ranks high among HairNista readers.

Source: YouTube
6. Natural hair and marriage. A guaranteed controversy, especially in the natural hair community, when a spouse doesn't 'like' natural hair.
What! You don't like my natural hair!


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