Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Finding the Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

By Tenisha Mercer

Love this look!

I am crushing on ripped boyfriend jeans. Like, seriously crushing.

I need a pair in my life. But I refuse to pay $70 for them, as I've seen on Asos is sold out, so that leaves me searching.

I like them, but not that dang much to spend $70. They are so summer chic - dress them up with a cute blazer or make them casual with a cute sheer top.

Think it's time for me to make a Goodwill excursion to find a pair and create the ripped look for $7.  Now, I'd be willing to pay for a pair that fight like a glove. The ones I've got in my closet don't fit well at all on me and give me the flat booty look. Not feeling that at all.

Do you have boyfriend jeans?

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