Friday, May 17, 2013

Scandal Fever

By Tenisha Mercer

ABC's Scandal is must-see TV, and it didn't disappoint. #TeamGladiators

Show creator Shonda Rhimes is a BEAST -- excellent writing, characters and plots. She put her entire foot into the finale last night. I was on the edge of my seat with my eyes covered, afraid to look. Now, while everyone was trying to figure out the mole angle, we were all left with our mouths open at the surprise ending.

Where do I start?

David  -- We knew David Rosen did some dirt, but for him to get a U.S. Attorney General's gig out of the deal? What the WHAT? And his deal was nothing short of blackmail. Brillliance at its best.

Billy -- And Billy Chambers? Were it not for Rosen giving him a fake cytron card, he would have had everything.

Amanda -- She really enjoyed that drill, didn't she?

Cyrus - I don't know which Cyrus to believe. Is he really trying to save the presidency or does he have his own selfish motives? The lines are starting to blur.

Liv -- OMG! Loved her plan with Fitz. Sounded good, too bad it didnt work. ,She's a great strategist. The ending, tho? And DAD? Now, no one -- and I mean, no one-- saw that one coming! No one. Adds a whole new wrinkle to the story. What dad puts the order in to kill their daughter?

Huck -- The hitman lost his balls. He couldn't kill Billy Chambers. One too many kills, I guess.

Fitz - Now, he sucks major behind for wanting to be with Liv and then caving in at the last minute. We all knew he was going back to Millie all along, even though Liv's plan could have worked. Fitz is so wishy washy it kills me. Either love Olivia or be down with Millie.

What did you think of Scandal's finale?

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