Tuesday, June 4, 2013

3 Ways to Keep Your Hair Simple When Your Life is Super Busy

By Tenisha Mercer

Life happens, and sometimes, so does our hair.

You know those times when you get so busy that you can't think straight? Yeah, been going through that for a minute now. And you just don't have an entire day to dedicate to washing your hair, you don't have hours to deep condition, apply product and then set your hair.

Even little things seem to be too much. Forget twisting and bantuing. You want something quick, because you don't have time to dry it! Too many other things to do. For those with natural hair, though, you can't totally neglect our hair or you may end up with a tangled, matted mess.

But there are somethings that you can do to shave precious minutes from your routine.

Here are three ways to cut down your routine time:

Modify your routine.  Yes, modify, modify, modify. New babies, new jobs, new responsibilities. All of those things take time away from our hair. You simply don't have 3 hours to twist your hair and THEN take it down a few weeks later. So take a good, hard look at your hair routine and see what you can cut out. Do you REALLY need to have that deep conditioner in your hair for four hours or will 30 minutes be enough? Do you need to wash your hair eveyr week when every 2-3 weeks will do? Look for ways that you can cut time out of of your regimen and then only do what's absolutely necessary.

Reexamine your products. Many wash and go girls -- and yes, product junkies, too -- put on layers and layers of products. And all that takes time. What product or products can you cut out off your routine? Do you really need a creamy leave in, a finishing spray and an oil? Will just two or three products be OK?

Simplify your style. This is an obvious one, but what style can you to that you can shorten your routine. For me, a straight style takes less time overall. Others prefer braided styles that they can just leave and go. Figure out which styles you can live with and then rank them according to how much time they take. Or , get an extra day or two out of the styles that you already have.

How do you make your natural hair routine work with limited time?

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