Thursday, June 6, 2013

HairTroversy: Kids and Controversial Hairstyles

By Tenisha Mercer

Six-year-old cuts hair off in a fauxhawk
After watching the story of the 6-year old who cut her hair off -- and some of the backlash that was later directed at her mom -- I wondered: Would you let your daughter cut her hair off? Dye it? Shave it one-sided?

Sure, hair grows back. But when it comes to black hair and little girls, that's as sacred as a cow as you are gonna get. You will get crucified when it comes to those topics; just look at Willow Smith and some of the comments she gets about her hair.

Without a doubt, we absolutely do project our hair perceptions onto our daughters. And often times, that means, telling them what to do with their hair -- whether that's slapping a relaxer in or not putting a relaxer in.

But, as easy as this may sound, hair does grow back. And, while this is definitely an age-old debate, what better time to experiment with hair than when they are young? It's not like they have a job where they can't wear purple hair. What's the worst that can happen?

Would you allow your daughter to cut her hair or do a "controversial" style?

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