Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What to get the HairNista who has everything

By Tenisha Mercer

What's on your Christmas list? Your hair Christmas list, that is. There are a few gifts that are perfect for the girl that has everything! And what HairNista wouldn't be thrilled to find this under the Christmas tree tomorrow morning?

  1. Huetiful steamer. This hair steamer is on the top of my gift list. Why? It's something that I might not buy for myself, but would get it as a splurge or like it as a gift from somoene else. For you deep conditioning addicts, it's a MUST! $116.95

2. Curlbox - A monthly subscription of curl goodies? Yes, LAWD! This is the perfect gift for the product junkies in all of us. And I promise it will be the best $20 a month you ever spent (do you know how fast you can blow a $20 on absolutely NOTHING?) that's chock full of 5-7 products for natural hair from brands such as Karen's Body Beautiful, Hair Rules, Brown Butter Beauty and up and coming natural hair brands.

3. A gift card to your favorite natural hair salon. Let's be honest, some natural hair salons can cost a grip. But that still doesn't mean that they aren't worth every penny -- an enviroment that your hair is affirmed in, that stocks products you actually use, where you don't get the sideeye for finger combing your hair and your stylist knows the lingo -- pre poo, co-wash, APL, BSL, etc.

 What's on your natural hair Christmas list?

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