Thursday, April 17, 2014

WTH is that on Jermaine Jackson's Head? WTF Hairstyle of the Day

By Tenisha Mercer

Somebody come get their uncle! They let Jermaine Jackson out the house with this hair?

The Jermaine Jackson hair do
 I am trying real hard to figure out what's going on here with his hair.

The top of it looks like hair on an old teddy hair or pump waves without the pump. The sides are a mishmash between a pound of brown protein jail slapped on his hail and semi cornrow thingamjiggies. Though I can't be sure? The whole thing looks as if it's been painted on his scalp.

The whole thing looks like some burnt black plastic shellacked to his head.

And to think that folks clowned ESPN's Pam Oliver for her hair. I'mma need to see this on Black Twitter, for real.  No way can Jermaine go on Wife Swap looking like this!

Jesus be a fence!

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