Tuesday, June 24, 2014

3 Travel Tips for Summer Hair

By Tenisha Mercer

Trip to Cali booked, and planning to go to Florida twice this summer. What are your summer plans and how will you wear your natural hair while traveling or on vacation?

Here are some quick travel tips for summer hair:

1. Plan ahead. If you know you will be hitting the beach and doing plenty of outside activities, plan ahead on how you will wear your natural hair. Be realistic, based upon your activities. Braids? Updos? Keep your styling options in mind, and bring plenty of  hair accessories, scarves and even wigs if all else fails. 

2. Go with the flow. Depending upon your activities -- and the weather -- straight hair may not always be realistic. Model your hairstyles based upon your activities. Hanging at the beach all day? Windsurfing? Swimming. Your hair won't be perfectly in place, and you shouldn't expect it to. Plus, you might be in a place with different weather, humidity and water than back home, so plan accordingly. Now's not necessarily the time to try new stuff, but you never know. New places to buy (a few) new products and why NOT try something a bit different now, when you're not at work, etc.

3. Limit your products. Now is not the time to bring your 50-11 products. No time for PJism. Pare down your products to only the essentials; now is not the time for experimentation and heavy product regimens. Only bring the must haves - conditioner and styler. And don't forget to bring small, trial sized bottles that will pass flight regulations.

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