Monday, June 16, 2014

Beyonce caves in to peer pressure? Blue Ivy has a pontyail

By Tenisha Mercer

Maybe the online petition worked? Blue Ivy Carter unveiled an upswept ponytail in online pictures with her celebrity parents. Folks high fiving each other that the online petition to get Beyonce to comb Blue's hair, worked.

Not so sure if they get the credit.
Usually I'm not one to tell folks what they should care and not care about. But I'll say that I'm in my feelings about folks signing an online petition for this -- of a child who is not THEIRS and whom they personally don't have to care for HER hair, and whose condition of HER hair has no effect on them. And yet legitimate petitions that actually DO effect us -- improving education, ending racism and bigotry, setting free the criminally railroaded  -- go unsigned.

 SMH. You happy now?

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