Friday, June 27, 2014

Stylin' and profilin' in LA

By Tenisha Mercer

So, got a chance to see how the "other" half on the West Coast live during a business trip to Los Angeles.

The low humidity was nice. Now I see why so many LA women say they can work the hell out of flat iron. Perfect weather and low humidity = natural hair heaven, LOL! 

First time on the west coast. So busy that I barely got out of the car. But I did go by Universal Studios and got a chance to drive through Hollywood and Beverly Hills for a quick minute. Loved it, and now I am even more grateful for my "modest" surroundings in ATL.

Saw a bit of the high-end shopping along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Can you say MONEY? Saw so many high-end interior design shops that my head was spinning, and designers I've never heard of with impressive luxe boutique storefronts. I do wish that I'd had time to do some vintage and resale shopping, but next time.

Oh, and Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche dealerships scattered within walking distance. BAM!

Didn't spot one celeb, but I did drive by Warner Brothers Studios, saw the Forest Lawn Cemetery where the late Michael Jackson rests, and I saw Hollywood iconic spots like Improv, Comedy Store and the Dolby Theatre where many red carpet movie premieres are held. Also saw a cast of zany characters-- folks in costume, dressed like Batman, fairies, and Marilyn Monroe, on the streets of Hollwood, like they were wearing T-shirts and jeans.

Even got to see the Hollywood walk of fame -- what I could see from the car, at least. Never seen so many movie billboards. But I guess I am in Hollywood, right?

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