Friday, September 4, 2015

Stevie Wonder and the braid chop heard 'round the world, well, maybe not

The Internet is a mofo.

No sooner than we thought Stevie had cut that struggle ponytail of his (I know), now we find out that it's not true. Listen. Cut Stevie a lil' slack. I mean. He is blind and all. Now don't get me wrong. I gave a handclap of praise when I thought he did a braid chop. Just because. I did a slow clap.

I mean, I do not know who is stylist is ... just sayin'. And I know it's hard to let go. We big chop all the time and will hold on to raggedy split ends for dear life. I get it. But Stevie, tho! He's blind. Someone needs to tell him.We owe a debt of hair gratitude to the musical genius who created 'Songs In the Keys of Life.'

We can't let him go out like that. Still, I'm mad that we got fooled us big time. I do not like folks playing with my feelings. These memes ain't loyal. Stevie ain't cut ish. That domed struggle braid is still there.

Does Stevie have no friends? He can't. Can your kids or your boo not tell you gently ... It is time to let the braid locs go? I mean. Love Stevie and all. Love him. But nawl. Them braids -- and that bald spot -- are still there. Carry on. Stand down, Internet. Damn, you.

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