Saturday, February 8, 2014

Celeb Natural Hair: Nicki Minaj Reveals her Natural Hair on Instagram

By Tenisha Mercer

In what has become a trend in recent months, yet another celebrity is revealing her natural hair -- this time, it's rapper Nicki Minaj, who revealed a headful of long, thick natural hair on her Instagram, writing, "No perm. No extensions."

Nicki's natural hair

I get that performing is hard on natural hair, but I like the look, much better than those candy-colored wigs and atrocius bleach bottle blond wigs. She's a great example of hair growing with a protective style -- weaves.

Nicki hasn't exactly endeared herself to the natural hair community, with her anti-natural hair comments. Though she has posted pictures of her natural hair on Twitter before, Nicki isn't exaactly  known for her love of natural hair with no-love natural hair rap lyrics such as "nappy-headed hos need a perminator," and "nappy headed hoes but my kitchen good."

Nicki Minaj reveals natural hair on Instagram
Nicki Minaj wears her natural hair on Instagram

Nicki Minaj reveals natural hair on Instagram
Nicki Minaj strikes another natural pose

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