Monday, September 15, 2014

Why you should NOT wear this dress

By Tenisha Mercer

After all of the gushing, ga-gaaiing and general falling out over the iPhone 6 debut last week, I thought I'd heard the end of it: Every tech site worth their tech covered the launch. Nothing more to report, right?

But leave it to Elie Tahari to capitalize on the publicity with the iPhone 6 fashion "debut." Tahari designed an iPhone dress, featuring, you guessed it, none other than 50 iPhone 6s.

I need to know who authorized this foolishness! Steve Jobs up in heaven?? Whose bright idea was this? Because other than a Halloween costume, or perhaps an Apple shindig like the iPhone 6 press launch, I can't think of anywhere you'd actually wear this.

Don't the phones cost like $900 a piece. So this dress cost $5,400? I'mma need my money back!

The dress is made from a techno fabric mesh, and was created specially for the launch, with a model sporting it around Tahari's corporate headquarters, along with the designer's high-tech bohemian chic collection live streaming on the phones on the dress. 

"They saw that the two things [presentations] were coinciding, and used it to tie fashion and technology together," a Tahari spokesperson told the Daily Dot. "Mr. Tahari was inspired by the vision of Steve Jobs, and his lasting impact on our everyday lives."

Gives a whole new spin on, "wearable tech." Now only thing she's missing is the Apple Watch.

Please, Mr. Tahari. Get back to designing your contemporary womens' fashions. Please, and thank you!

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