Thursday, September 11, 2014

There is a beard weave for that

By Tenisha Mercer

Y'all know I will clown. Men, women, doesn't matter, it's fair bait when it comes to hair.

But this right here? This is some downright foolery. And I blame it ALL on women who wear weaves (joking). 
Be-weaved on ANTM
Apparently, beard weaves are what dudes are sporting now, as spotted on an America's Next Top Model (ANTM) contestant yesterday.

Apparently, they want to get be-weaved as well, not wanting to leave women alone to wear weaves.

First man weaves, and now this! LAWD!!
Because their God-given beard hair just don't look right! Baby Jesus, take the wheel. I felt some kind of way about posting this. But when your man hairs look like this, we've got a problem.

And since when did dudes compete on ANTM? Somebody come get yo' brother! Tyra needs to be shook for this mess right here. It looks like an overgrowth of baby doll lashes glued to his face.

Wait, maybe they braided his beard hairs and it's a sew in? I know they DID NOT use bonding glue on that face!

So many questions and few answers. Umm ... wait ... Is that Malaysian hair?

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