Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bey wears Sambo Coat

Beyonce is known to push the fashion envelope, but this 'style' has me ABSOLUTELY busted and disgusted.

The pop music queen recently wore a trench coat with a Sambo on it at the All Star games over the weekend. She needs to be slapped. I'm calling her out. Go ahead. I'll wait for the Beygency to defend this foolishness; they always do, because the Beyhive can do no wrong.

But this is just wrong. Why would you wear this mess -- a Scooter LaForge trench coat that retails for $320 with an offensive Sambo character on it -- at the All Star games? What fashion sense is this? This is so inappropriate, racist and insensitive that it's scary. Does Bey even know what this means, how offensive this is?

Of all the things you could wear, and you choose this foolishness? I am so done.

Last week, she snatched a song from Ledisi at the Grammy's. This week, she's wearing a Sambo coat by an "artist" from New Mexico. There is no artistic value in this. Needs her black card snatched. 

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