Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Plus-size fashion: Don’t love it? Just leave it

This is a guest post from Atlanta-based fashion and style blogger Ayana G.

This morning Good Morning America (GMA) featured Target’s new plus-size fashion line, Ava & Viv. The clothing looks okay. Some of the newer pieces, which I think will have more style, will drop on March 1. I’ll reserve my thoughts on the line until next week.

Jacket featured from Target’s Ava and Liv plus-size fashion line
What I want to vent about today is all of the hate that plus-size models and the big beautiful women who wear and love plus-size fashions are getting these days. The hate is nothing new. We’re used to the name calling, the fat jokes the insults and the size discrimination. Just because we are used to it doesn’t make it right or acceptable.

What is really getting to me is this implication that just because some of us, well actually many of us are plus size, that we should not be allowed to look good, dress good and feel good about our big bold beautiful style. This implication in society that only women size 0 through 10 have the right to be fashionable and stylish and feel sexy in our cloths is ridiculous.
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