Friday, February 6, 2015

Is this Kerry Washington?

Really, this has got to be some sort of sick joke.

Kerry Washington is on the March cover of In Style, but you'd barely know it from the photo. Looks nothing like her, and it appears the magazine may have Photoshopped the photo of the actress to make her appear lighter and nearly unrecognizable.

Really? Washington was on the cover of Lucky in 2013 and ditto -- instantly unreognizable, and the worse thing about it was that her skin looked pink. WTH? Now, In Style has her in a white off the shoulder dress and she's looking a lot like CNN correspondent Soledad O'Brien.

The photo gathered lots of controversy on social media on Thursday, and InStyle issued a statement: 

"While we did not digitally lighten Kerry's skin tone, our cover lighting has likely contributed to this concern. We understand that this has resulted in disappointment and hurt. We are listening, and the feedback has been valuable. We are committed to ensuring that this experience has a positive influence on the ways in which we present all women going forward," the magazine said, according to the Associated Press.

Washington, who was reportedly "thrilled" with the cover photo, responded:

She's a top-rated actress on a #1 program. At least they can get her to look right on the cover of a magazine.

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