Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Is this what some men are wearing?

Fashion always evolves; even mens' fashions in 2015.

But when you and your dude can wear the exact same outfit, that's when I have a problem. You like it, I love it. But know that I do have a choice. And for me, I like clear lines of clothing distinction. No, you should not wear the same cuffed pants that I do; I don't want to share your pants. (I blame Dwayne Wade.)

No, we don't both need to wear pink (my favorite color) and purple at the same time (though I do think men don't have to limit themselves to basic brown/black and that those two traditionally "feminine" colors can work well in some mens' clothing).

And finally, just stahp with the men's jeggings, leggings or whatever you want to call them. We don't need to share pants or a closet.You don't need to be all up in my clothes hamper trying on my skinny jeans, thank you very much.

You have man parts. I have lady parts. And in no clothes -- except for me wearing your big, roomy T shirts, button ups or sweatshirts -- should those two meet. 

Which leads me to this, below, which hit the Internet yesterday.

Maybe they wanted a reaction. Well, they are going to get it. And maybe that's what they wanted -- to display runway fashions that are so unpractical and laughable because you'd never actually wear them anywhere else -- they do that with womens' fashions ALL the time.

Listen here: I am all for a turtleneck sweaters. But a turtleneck man dress and thigh high socks? Nah, maaaan. I don't care how buffed the dude is. I simply cannot.

First man weaves. Now this? 

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