Wednesday, August 14, 2013

3 Ways to Cut Time for your Natural Hair Routine

By Tenisha Mercer

Spending hours searching for natural hair products, then meticulously applying multiple products to each and every curl each morning, and hours-long detangling sessions. Repeat. Whew! Who new natural hair could take so long to style and maintain?

Who has time for that? I know I don't.

It doesn't have to take that long, though, if you cut out a few steps.

1. Narrow down your products. Do you really need to apply 4 styling products? Properly applying natural hair products takes time. What happens if you just apply 1 or 2? More products = more time.

2. Fewer wash sessions. This is by far one of the most time-consuming steps. Many naturals wash their hair every few days, and marathon detangling sessions are the norm. Why not eliminate frequent washing sessions and limit them to every 2 weeks or more?

3. Real talk with your hair. Even though we are natural, a lot of us are still trying to get our hair to do things that it just doesn't want to do. I know that straightening my hair and then walking out while it's raining is just going to make it go pouf! Be realistic about your hair. It could be the type of curl you'll get from products or tangling. You know your hair!

How do you cut time for your natural hair routine?

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