Sunday, February 7, 2016

Beyonce killed Formation at the Super Bowl

Forget Bern, Hillary, Cruz, Trump 'nem. After Beyoncé's epic half-time Super Bowl performance, I nominate Beyoncé for president!

And why the hell NOT? She has massive popularity. We like her. And we just know she'd pass out mini bottles of hot sauce from her bag instead of bumper stickers and lawn signs at her campaign rallies.

We'd stand in Formation, ready to SLAY!!! Chile...I can see it now. This whole election thing is a wrap!! Bey for president!

Bey's epic Super Bowl performance
But did you see her tho? With that MJ-inspired outfit? Yaaasss!! WERK!! It was so nice of Beyoncé to have the SuperBowl at her concert. Because she just did the dayum thang. This just after she dropped that Formation single and video AND announced a 50-city world tour. Beysus! 

And her all-lady dance tour looking like Black Panthers and on the 50th anniversary of their founding no less -- all strong, Black and proud, fists raised and all with natural hair. So proud. And I got my entire life. And got my edges snatched back. Who cared if she almost fell on stage (and levitated on that biotch).

What it was: An unapologetic, I don't give a damn, appreciation for Black beauty in all its forms. It was #Blackgirlmagic.  And I'm here for all of it.

Ma'ams and Sirs:  I just need to know where I can cast my ballot. Umm ... can we make Bruno her VP tho?

I can't take all the credit. H/T Liz Nesoff for this gem.

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