Tuesday, February 16, 2016

They tried it

Welp. No sooner than a pic of Kaylan Mahomes and her twin daughters went viral and broke the Internet-- and folks argued about who was the momma and who were the daughters-- a mom in the UK tried it.

Only it did not work out so well for her... because we can clearly tell who the momma is and who the daughter is... Jesus ... I cain't. Y'all know good and the hell well this momma is out of pocket. We can all tell who she is. Why is this even a question?

Lawd. Folks stay reaching. Donna Gault is 33 and her daughter Mya is pictured above.

"Not only do they look alike, but they dress alike, hang out together and say they are always getting mistaken for sisters!" a blog on the ITV site says.

Somebody lied.

Of course, Black Twitter went in. They weren't hearing any of it. And I don't blame them. Lesson learned: You can't outdo melanin.

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