Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Prince just took the most epic passport pic EVER!

Chiiiilllle ... leave it to Prince Rogers Nelson to SLAY a passport pic, hunty. I mean. He has got to bathe in unicorn tears and fairy dust because this MAN's skin tho. You do realize he is 57... But Prince. This passport pic. I am weak and I cannot even.

Who takes a passport picture like this? How, Prince? How?

The smoky eye tho and lined lower lids. YES, Gawd! Ba-BaY! That face is lit tho!

This pic just gave me all kinds of life. How you just gone change the passport game up like that, Prince? He looks so damn unbothered yet slays at the same dayum time. That pouty lip with a hint of gloss. I can't! My Lord.

Listen... you do not want to see my passport pic. A HAWT mess. I will never compare.

And this is absolutely the Blackest passport photo -- EVER!!

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