Monday, February 4, 2013

A Natural Who Likes Beyonce's Weave

By Tenisha Mercer

Beyonce WERKIN' it at the Super Bowl
I  have natural hair. And I like Beyonce's weave.

There, I said it.

*Cue the natural nazis, cuz they are comin' to revoke my natural hair card!*

Does it mean I like my kinks and coils any less? Nope, not at all. It just means I like HER weave.

Does it mean I'll go out and buy Bey's weave?

Girl, BYE! I'm not the owner of platinum-selling albums, hit movies, and such. Did I mention I'm NOT married to Jay Z? I'm sure Bey's weave has got to set her back at least a low 5 figures, maybe less, but not much less.

Beyonce's hair last week during a pre-game performance of the National Anthem

Now, if all of that stuff were true, it's a good chance that even my cheap ass would spring for that weave at least once. It looks good. And come on? When has Beyonce EVER had a bad weave? Blank stare. Can't think of a time, can you? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Whether it's curly and crinkly circa the early to mid-2000s to lush and full like the POTUS' Inauguration, to won't move an inch during last night's Super Bowl performance, Bey's weave is always on point.


It's OK for Naturals to Admit that We Like Weave, Right?

Now, I, like many other naturals, do wonder what's up under all that expensive hair, mind you.  But after watching her in recent weeks, and especially after last night's awesome Super Bowl half-time show, I'm perfectly OK with saying that I like her weave; it's not bone straight, but lush and full with a hint of curl. Hell, the weave she wore while singing the National Anthem last week during a pre-game performance looked like most straightened naturals' hair.l

I like it -- on Bey. Especially the fuller weaves. On me? It might be like my bucket list item, just to say I did it. Who knows if I'd wear the thing every day. For the record, I've only weaved in hair once -- senior prom, 1992. I had that gelled up  french roll with the little gold dotted beads that were so in style back in the day. My real bang, mind you, was shorter. And I wanted a swoop. And a swoop I got with a glued-in track.

Things went OK, until I tried to take it out. Didn't know that I had to wash it out and in my haste, I lost some hair in the front (I swear, my hair there has NEVER quite grown back). But other than wigs, that's as far as me and hair other than my one have rolled through the years.

If I were Bey, Would I Weave it Up?

I have never been one of those naturls who turns up their curls at women who wear weaves; do you, boo!  If I was popping it and winding it like Beyonce was on the Super Bowl, you damn right I'd wear a weave, too.

Though, like anything, it can see how your love of your own hair (whether it's natural or relaxed) might be a wee bit compromised if the weave hair you wear every day on your head is so predictable (damn the weather and the products that everyone else has to deal with).

The whole thing could set up a serious crutch and could result in you not wanting to wear your own hair. E'rythang in moderation!

Still, that doesn't mean I don't like Bey's weave any less.

What did you think of Bey's weave?

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