Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Black Hair Salon Opens in .... China?

By Tenisha Mercer

                                          Source: YouTube

Black hair salons are international, no doubt. But nowhere are they more international than in Beijing, China, which recently saw  the opening of its very first Black hair salon.

The salon is owned by Congo natives Martha Makuena and Paul Luyeye. It's significant for a few reasons: One, it's in a communist country. 'Nuff said. And second, there aren't that many Black patrons in China. Makuena, who speaks fluent Chinese, started the salon after  she couldn't find a salon to do her hair.

This is what Makeuna told the BBC: “People when they look at Africans they think about bad things,” Makuena said. “They don’t just see me as African, they see me as a person doing businesses.
“They are respecting me and the way I am.”

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