Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dark and Lovely Releases Products for Naturals

By Tenisha Mercer

Dark and Lovely is about as synonymous with a box of relaxer as you can get -- who doesn't remember that box of relaxer on the shelf with the black woman with the straightened hair staring back at you?

Well, the brand known for relaxers, headed by Soft Sheen Carlson, is now expanding its sights to natural products with the release of their Au Naturale Line. It joins a leading number of companies who used to focused on relaxed hair who are now developing products for the natural hair market, including Mizani and ORS.

Can a Relaxed Hair Company Create A Product That Naturals Will Use?

I'm sure that some naturals will give this product major sideeye; it's to be expected.

And I know that many will be checking and double checking the ingredients to make sure there is no sodium hyroxide or perm. The line promises "all-day curl elongation with six anti-shrinkage recipes."

It's an entire line of products, including shampoo, knot out conditioner, 10-in-1 styling gelee, curl defining creme, curl moisturizing soufle, sheen sealing nectar. The line is priced at $9.99. Not a bad price point, and it doesn't contain any mineral oil or parabens but it's not all-natural.

So far, a lot of reviews I've seen have been done by those who are texlaxed. Interesting to see what kind of reviews these products will get as more new curly hair products come out every day (so many that I can't keep up). Especially considering that it promises elongation.

                                         Source: YouTube
What's significant about Dark & Lovely is that it's a relaxer company.

Not that naturals need validation, but I think it's a good move in terms of breaking down those barriers between naturals and relaxed hair. Sometimes, I truly do want to say, can't we all just get along when it comes to the feud that sometimes happens between relaxed hair and natural hair.

Not that we need proof that naturals are changing the hair game -- we are -- but if you did need proof, then yeah, this would be it.

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