Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to Create a New Natural Hair Regimen for Spring/Summer

By Tenisha Mercer

Spring is just a few days away and now is the time to reevaluate your natural hair regimen for spring/summer.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Weather -- Depending upon your climate, how you wore your hair in the winter may just not work. I wore my hair straightened mostly this winter; that will not work with the Atlanta humidity this summer, so I'll be wearing textured styles like flat twist outs. I finally found my holy grail twist out (more about this product later).
Products -- Our hair loves those heavier, glycerin-filled products during colder temperatures because they are richer and provide more moisture. During spring? Not so much. While a great moisturizer, glycerin can cause more shrinkage during humid and warmer temperatures. So it's time to look for new products that will work better in the summer. Many naturals find that they have to completely change their products during warmer weather.

Styling -- Now's the time to wear those "wet" styles that you may not have been able to wearing during the cold -- wash and gos, etc. Wearing those styles in the freezing cold could have cause your  hair to literally freeze and break off;  now is the time to wear those styles because walking out the door with wet hair is finally OK. Or, you may prefer more buns, topknots and ponytails that keep your hair off of your neck.

What hairstyles will you wear this spring/summer?

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