Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Springing For New Natural Hair

By Tenisha Mercer

Today marks the first day of spring -- brushing off the winter doldrums, embracing a new season and a fresh start. It's also a good time to reevaluate our natural hair for spring as we head into warmer weather.

Here are a few things to consider:

Products: Which products work and which ones doesn't work for spring. Colder temps in winter often mean heavier, moisturizing-heavy products. Spring? Not so much. You actually want products that may be a little bit lighter -- no glycerin to tame frizzies and lighter products in general that hold up to the heat. You don't have to ditch everything, like your staple products, stylers and the like. Just reevaluate what works and what doesn't.

Style: This one's a biggie. Warmer weather means that it's time to evaluate new spring hairstyles. Will you wear your hair up? In braids? In twist outs, braid outs? Opt for that new haircut you've always wanted, trim your bangs a la FLOTUS. Pick your style.

Cut: There' s nothing like the sunshine shining and the  wind blowing through your kinks and coils. But those "out" styles mean your ends must, must, must be in tip top shape in order to make any style look good. Stop holding on to dead hair just for length. So either spring for a trim or baby the ends you do have to make your style look good.

Are you changing your natural hair regimen for spring?

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