Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nikki Minaj's Waist-Length Hair

By Tenisha Mercer

Nicki Minaj's hair on Twitter
Though she's known for her pink wigs and brightly colored weaves, Nicki Minaj revealed straight waist-length hair on Twitter last week.

The famous star tweeted: #LongHairDontCare #HangTime #ImaWearItOutWhenItTouchesMyASS =P

Not sure if it's relaxed or natural. And while many on Twitter and social media sites wondered if that's Nicki's hair (I really don't care), it got me to thinking: What kind of hair would we have if we had a professional team of stylists, as I'm sure Nicki does, at our beck and call daily?

The Professional Stylist in my Head

This isn't just about length though that is a consideration) but also about the care of our hair. After all, Nicki does wear weaves/wigs, so her hair is protected and is able to grow and flourish. But just think what we could do if we had a professional stylist tending to our hair.

No more marathon wash/detangling sessions. No  more of my arms being tired of doing my hair. Access to all of the best professional products -- at a discount.  I'd NEVA have a bad hair day, LOL. Because I could get my stylist to hopefully give me the look I'm going for and, if not, start all over again, LOL.

The closest I've seen others get to this is weekly hair appointments. But, that's not like having someone only dedicated to your hair; your appointment is among many the stylist has in a week. But this would be like someone who knows just YOUR hair, and your hair, alone. How epic would that be?

Now, you would have to watch out about heat styling, as I'm sure many celebrities have to be careful of (blow dryers and flat irons can wreck havoc on any type of hair, no matter how professionally maintained) to avoid heat damage.

What would you do if you had daily access to a professional stylist?

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