Tuesday, September 17, 2013

HairTroversy: Stars Wearing their Natural Hair Off the Red Carpet but Not on Camera

By Tenisha Mercer

Keke palmer hair
Keke Palmer with weaved hair

Keke Palmer natural hair
Keke Palmer with natural hair

Everywhere you turn these days, you see a Black celeb tweeting natural hair in selfies on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

HairNista's posts on Brandy and other celebs who wear natural hair (their own or wigs/weave) are our highest-rated posts, so clearly there is a big interest in Black celebs' hair. Still, it raises a bit of controversy, because many readers weigh-in that these celebs are proud to show their natural hair to their fans, but never on the red carpet.


It's a valid argument, sort of. I get it. It's no telling what celebs have under their wigs and weaves. With all of the hairstyling they get, I'd probably wear wigs and weaves, too, and keep my hair. But I get some of the criticism from people who wear their hair out every day and then wonder why it's a big deal when celebs do. It's almost as if they're ashamed to wear their hair out in public on the red carpet.

Our Fascination with Natural Hair Celebs

We're all focused on what celebs do -- whether it's the clothes they wear or the fashions they rock. So, I don't see hair as anything different. What I do, like, is that these same celebs 10 years ago would never show pics of their natural hair, but now they do.

I know some question their motives, but their willingness to show their natural hair also shows how natural hair is more mainstream.

What do you think? Are celebs with natural hair selfies ashamed to wear their hair 'out' for work?

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