Monday, June 15, 2015

Detroit curls, what!

Oh, Detroit! How my curls have missed thee!

What up, doe! Here in Detroit for about a week visiting relatives. And I must say my damn self that my curls are poppin'. No more hot ass ATL -- at least for a week, anyway, LOL. The curl struggle in the ATL is real.

My curls love the cooler weather and lower humidity in Michigan (no more fried hair from the hot ATL sun).

My curls forgot that it liked Detroit's cool, mild summers. It's been nearly three years since I've been here. Beyond the heat damage (I'm still too traumatized to blog about it, but it took me 20 years as a natural to get heat damage from a stylist over the winter), my curls are getting some 313 love and are hanging pretty chill right about now.

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