Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hair foolishness

There are days when I just cannot even can ... and this is one of those days, after I heard that Urban Outfitters is selling a single ponytail holder for $8. Really, doe? But $8 tho for one hair ball? I am DONE. Done, I tell you.

You need your ass whopped if you even think about buying this foolishness. Just because you can does not mean you should. Or maybe the person who actually pays $8 for ONE should be hit dead in the face with said ponytail holder. Have you ever been smacked in the face with one of these? Chile, you have not felt pain .... And please don't step on one.... Owww, wee!

I'm a little mad right now. Because do you know how many ponytail hair balls I could have for $8 -- like a whole can full, because these mugs are like $1 for a pack of 10 ponytail holders at ANY beauty supply store USA or Wal Mart. I hate spending money all willy nilly.

Black girls been wearing these things forever 

I mean, it's cute that the retro thing and all is coming back or is 'new' for some. But it ain't new for everybody. Really, Urban Outfitters? Every Black little girl I know of has worn these things at some point in her life.

Like all'em. And believe me when I tell you these hair balls are the bane of every little Black girl's existence. Once your Momma finally agrees to let you STOP wearing them, there is no way this side of Ultra Sheen that you will WILLINGLY purchase them ever again. No, nope and nawl!

No damn body wants to see these things again -- In life - ever, Amen. I will roll up a scrunchie from the good old 90s, cut a pair of old panty hose at the top or even use a rubber band from the Sunday newspaper before I use one of those things to tie back my hair as a grown adult. 

To this day, my hair STILL has permanent parts in it from all of the balls I used to wear in my head, LOL. No ma'am! Nawl, nope, NO!

Bye, Urban Outfitters! 

This is so funny it's not. But I do now that a sucka is born every damn minute. I just love it when mainstream retailers discover something is hot. But we been wearing this ish for like EVER! And it's clearly something that some folks will wear and spend their hard earned earned money, too.

Just like those 'new Bantu knots' (big ass eye roll) that were renamed 'mini buns' as part of Marc Jacobs runway show. Yeah, OK. Miss me with that.

Of course, this has spawned lots of other memes. Watch the foolishness. I mean. Since they are paying $8 for hair balls and ish, might as well pony up some more cash for the rest of the hair accoutrements, right? 

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