Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NBA star Baron Davis gets clowned for man curls

The Internet has no chill. None. And they will come for you, you hear me?

Folks are going in on ex-NBA star Baron Davis' for his man curls -- a heap of processed, Jherri curl looking, greasy, texturized wash and go tendrils -- that he sported last night while providing  commentary during the NBA finals. 

Forget the game. What about his hair?

Bringing the Jherri curl back?

Actually, I'm not exactly sure what the hairstyle is or how he got it .. regi, please! I need to know because I need to know what NOT to do. The Internet is all in its feelings ... and has produced many a meme.

Now, let me say this: I have no idea who Davis is; I am not a sports person. But I do know this is a HOT. ASS. MESS. And I recognize clowning and bad hairstyle when I see them. And this right here? This is some foolishness.

Why Baron Davis needs new friends

Who authorized this hairstyle?
Who approved this? Cause his stylist should be fired!

This must be rebuked in the name of all things holy, bound by a plastic Jherri Curl cap and Doo Rag,  and sprinkled with an S-Curl and holy water mix.

He must not have a friend in the NBA. Not nan. Eff Drake. He needs new friends. Because friends do not let friends go on national TV looking like this. He went from this:

To this:


Let me be the first to say that my wash and gos don't always look on point. My curls funny like that. But for a dude on national TV to rock this.... He's getting clowned because he wore what looks like a curly toupee that is cross between Darryl from Coming to America and Pinky from Friday.

Wait. Is this a man weave?

But, yeah. If the Jherri curl comes back, we all know who to blame. 

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