Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UFC's Chael Sonnen Asks to Touch ESPN Anchor Sage Steele's Natural Hair

By Tenisha Mercer

How's this for a natural hair request on live TV?

In the middle of interviewing UFC fighter Chael Sonnen, ESPN anchor Sage Steele gets an unusual request by Sonnen to touch her natural hair. This is probably the most unusual of her career. I think she handled a personal request perfectly, with grace and tact. Sonnen, of course, leaned over and felt her hair.

Though I wondered what would have happened had she said "no." The blogs would have been on fire!

Source: YouTube
And I'm a bit miffed at why Sonnen seemed to be surprised that her hair was "very soft." Folks really don't know anything about our hair, yet are so fascinated by it. At least he did the right thing and asked before he touched; that would have been kinda awkward, otherwise.

Do you let people touch your natural hair?


  1. Yes I do, if they ask of course. I consider it a oppourtunity to teach.

  2. Thanks for commenting, @purplgirl48. Yeah, not asking is a BIG problem.