Monday, April 22, 2013

What to Wear for Spring 2013: How to Wear Mixed Prints

By Tenisha Mercer

Mixed prints are all the rage on the runway for spring -- but wearing them in "real life" can be a totally different story. Now, while First Lady Michelle Obama and Beyonce have rocked mixed prints, YOU actually doing it -- without the help of a stylist at your beck and call or a million dollar wardrobe --  can be a HOT MESS if you aren't careful.

Things can go wrong real quick, especially if the color, patterns and prints aren't just right, as this article in Clutch pointed out. So instead of being trendy and just plain wrong, here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to wear mixed prints in your wardrobe this spring:

1. Pair large prints with small prints. It's all about proportion and symmetry. It's a great form of contrast.

2. Use different prints in same color pattern. This is where mixed prints goes all wrong, when you pair prints in colors that are widely different. Just don't. This is one area where you want to play it safe. So, only use colors that are the same or at least, contrasting. For example, pair mixed prints in the same colors -- red, white, blue. Otherwise, you'll end up looking like the "crazy" lady in prints.

3. Stripes are neutral. A quick and easy way to put this trend in your wardrobe immediately is to make stripes a neutral pattern that you could pair with just about anything, as long as it's in the same color scheme. So, using tip #2 above, you could pair a striped shirt with a floral print (same color hue, of course) bottom. Stripes tone things down just a bit, and can be paired with plaids, bold prints, geometric and animal prints.

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