Monday, November 25, 2013

Rihanna and her wrap

By Tenisha Mercer

Might this 90s hairstyle make a comeback?

Rihanna rocked a wrap (A.K.A. doobie) at the 2013 American Music Awards --- hair rolled round her head, highlighted with a few sparkly hair pins. I'll admit, that I did a doubletake. I thought it was a hat at first (because, why would Rihanna come out with a doobie, anyway) and I was all gaga over her dress (NOT the one pictured below, but this one)

But it wasn't until this article that I said, WTF, it IS a doobie? This has made hair history. Never before a doobie on the red carpet. While I'm typically thrilled when celebs wear their own hair, this is NOT the look I was waiting for.

It's a tad bit... ratchet, and I'm not a fan of wearing this anywhere else besides in the house.

Normally, this style is reserved for bedtime and is usually unrolled the moment your feet hit the floor. But not Rihanna. She took a nighttime look and I'll be damned if she doesn't make it popular -- 20 years after we all wore wraps in our relaxed hair (because you had to have relaxed hair to do a proper wrap with setting lotion or you could use it on blowed out hair).

More proof that her hairstyle was NOT an accident, as done by her longtime stylist Ursula Stephen
I'd expect her to wear weave or a fierce cut, not a style that looked as if she wasn't red carpet ready in my mind. But I'm not Rhianna.

Hell, I STILL wear my blown out hair in a wrap at night all these many years later. And while Rhi Rhi is wearing it, it's still a nighttime style to me, though cue the copy catters. Some folks STILL wear this hairstyle while out and about, but I guess this gives them carte blanche.

Leave it to Rhi Rhi to make this a must-have hairstyle for winter.

Would you wear a doobie in public?

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