Thursday, November 14, 2013

The beautiful women most high fashion magazines never talk about

By Tenisha Mercer

There are days when I want most fashion mags to go to hell.

As much as I crave haute couture fashion, the pages of most fashion magazines are just too whitewashed for me --- devoid of color and ethnicity. In short, I don't see models who look like anything like me, or the tons of 'real people' whom I admire for their beauty.

Source: Refinery29

Oh, a few beautiful folks do slip through the cracks (Naomi and Tyra, for example and even Cindy Crawford with her trademark mole and maybe even a model or two with a gap-toothed smile) with their imperfections or unconventional beauty. But there are overwhelmingly few.

What a nice surprise, then, when I ran across this Refinery29 article that highlights folks most other mags would shun -- the beautiful Albino model Diandra Forrest, who is signed to modeling agencies in France and Berlin; Sarah Gerard's scarred skin from a horrific accident; and Telisha Gibson, whose brown-skinned arms are blotched with flesh white patches of vitiligo.

These women are all considered "unconventional" but beautiful, nonetheless. Just goes to show that beauty isn't always perfect.

Source: Refinery29


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