Monday, March 10, 2014

90s flashbacks

By Tenisha Mercer

There they were, hanging on the display aisle in the mall -- several pairs of blue jean overalls (pants/shorts). And then there were other signs -- floral flowy skirts and shorts, crop tops, wide leg pants with exotic prints, high-waisted and even stone,washed (now called "acid" wash) jeans.

Wait. I rubbed my eyes. Have I been magically transported back to the 90s? You might think so, if you take a look at what's for sale in most trendy stores these days. From Target and Forever 21 to small boutiques, retailers are rediscovering retro 90s fashions -- complete with grunge.

Express boyfriend overalls $98

Express high waist acid wash skinnies $88

90s fashions have come back in a big way, though modified (block heels are very popular now, we haven't seen the last of color blocking and sheer shirts are still very much on trend).

Longing for nostalgia?

As someone who got my fashion life in the 90s -- and wore most if not all of these trends --- I'm not so sure I like all these nostalgic fashions making a fashion comeback. And as much as these items are all up in Goodwill (the original versions), I, for one, won't be buying some of them.

Wore these fashions once and I'm not so sure if I ever want to some of them again. What's next? It's already been a minute since the ripped and damaged jeans (although modified from back in the day) and boyfriend jeans made a strong and heavy reappearance on the fashion scene. Other than skinnies, they are just about the only trendy jeans you'll find for sale these days.

It's someone else's turn
Some of these fashions I think I'm just going to leave to the young folks. At a certain point, considering that I've worn some of these once -- they look stupid on a grown woman. I'm almost 40 and I can't think of one good reason to wear a pair of denim overalls. Not one.

Now, I'll do the crop top with a pair of high-waisted pants and I do regularly rock the damaged jeans. As far as shoes, I love a chunky heel (always have) and I absolutely love the ankle strap shoes that have made a strong comeback.

New look: ankle strap heels and damaged jeans

And I absolutely love color blocking.

But some of the other stuff? No thanks! You can have all that. I never want to see another floral anything ever again.

Is this what fashion is going back to?

Do you wear 90s fashions?

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