Saturday, March 8, 2014

Memphis TV anchor reveals natural hair on air

By Tenisha Mercer

Natural hair reveals are nice (Nicki Minaj, Toya, Oprah, Angela Simmons and others) but what about "real" people -- with no stylists on call 24/7 and who actually do their own hair every day?

Well, Memphis-area WMCTV anchor Pam McKelvy recently revealed her natural hair on the air, after wearing wigs every day after she lost her hair to chemo treatments following her 2-year battle with breast cancer. McKelvy made the reveal during a segment about women's hair options.

“I made my choice also because I think about the message I send to young women about confidence and self-acceptance,” she said. “The times are changing, and God’s delivered me with a brand-new spirit and a head full of hair, and here it is.”

Memphis TV anchor Pam McKelvy before her wig

Pam McKelvy with short natural hair

McKelvy removed her wig — saying she’s “taking it off for good” – and debuted her curly, natural hair.
“A woman’s relationship with her hair is sacred,” she said. “Her hair is her crown of glory. And for women in TV, it’s intensified. I lost my hair after chemo and I’ve been wearing a wig since this past march.”

For sure, it was a "milestone" moment in McKelvy's career and sent a powerful message of self acceptance. McKelvy's natural hair looks great -- so much better than the wig she wore.

“Today I’m taking it off for good," she said. "This is a milestone, blessed experience for me….I want everybody to know that no matter what you go through, it’s not about what’s on the outside, it’s about what’s on the inside. And I feel that on the inside I am more radiant and beautiful than I’ve ever been.”


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